We are in an era where there is high unemployment, low paying jobs, increase in downsizing and difficulty in finding jobs. Well, one the best thing to do in this era is to invest in a business. Well, do you want to start a new business? Do you want to become an entrepreneur? What are the factors to consider before doing this?

  1. Analyze your business idea and do your research.
  2. Analyze the business well before you put in your hard earned resources.
  3. Analyze your business deal well.
  4. Analyze the returns on investment (ROI).
  5. Analyze the price to be paid to make the business successful.
  6. Analyze your business skills and expertise.
  7. Analyze your team of people.

Once you have analyzed these points very well, you will be clear on whether to invest or not to invest in the business. You can either bring other investors or partners to also invest their resources in building the business. But you first do your homework. Want to pitch to an investor or raise fund for your business. You may consider our ongoing Small and Medium Enterprise Training Programme (SMEGA Interact). For more information contact us: Email: smega@smeghanaawards.com Call: +233506418039