The SME Ghana Awards (SMEGA) is an annual National Award Scheme for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs). SMEGA is instituted to recognize the countless achievements of Micro businesses, SMEs and Individuals of Entrepreneurial excellence in Ghana. The award focuses on innovation, creativity, productivity and the use of technology for business growth in the SME sector. Other areas include, good management practices, corporate governance, product quality, packaging and market competitiveness. This ultimately is geared towards promoting “Made-in-Ghana” products for larger local and global markets. All aspects of the SME Ghana Awards Scheme is FREE to participate.

SMEGA has provided business opportunities for companies and individuals who have won awards and other participants. As part of our growth and success story the SME Ghana Awards categories have been expanded to cover and award the countless achievements of Micro businesses and individuals in the micro business sector who have also performed excellently to support the growth of Ghana’s economy.

This platform gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to gain valuable exposure and a well-deserved recognition for national and global expansion. The SME Ghana Awards has provides business opportunities for companies and individual award winners and participants.

The main aim of the award is to showcase Ghana’s successful MSMEs and individuals and promote their products for both local and global markets. It is also to highlight the role they play in economic development and support for national growth.

Objectives of the awards

  1. To showcase Ghana’s successful Micro businesses and SMEs.
  2. Identify & award innovation, creativity, product quality, competitiveness & technology usage
  3. Host a multi-functional platform for business promotion, collaboration & networking
  4. Encourage good management practices & corporate governance to ensure business growth
  5. Advocate for better business conditions and policies for SMEs in Ghana
  6. Advocate for quality standards of made-in-Ghana products for global and local markets

Benefits of the SME Ghana Awards

  1. Receive the prestigious SME Ghana Awards Trophy
  2. Receive Citation and Certificate
  3. Receive a one-year Insurance Cover
  4. Qualify for Fellowship Programmes
  5. Feature on the SME Ghana Awards website
  6. Become a member of the SME Achievers Club
  7. Connecting to the international market through the use of ICT
  8. Advertise in the for SME Achievers Magazine
  9. Participate in training programmes organized for SMEs
  10. Matchmaking and Trade Missions.

The SME Ghana Awards is an initiative and a flagship programme of Imagine8 Company Limited and SMEGA Foundation, organized in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) and in collaboration with the World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises – WASME (headquartered in India). Other partners include, the Ghana Investment Promotion Center – GIPC, EMI Group, GS1 Ghana, PUM of the Netherlands and Ephesus Consulting – Management Consultants. The Ministry of Business Development is the latest ministry to commend the SME Ghana Awards.